The Wedding Girl

Just call me your wedding girl,

With my hair threaded through with white.

Standing clothed with bare, bare feet,

And not another soul in sight.


My ribbons serve as my banner,

And my skirt, my waving flag.

Watch it fall, thick and limp,

A broken, waving rag.


Don’t you think that’s a nice term for me?

Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s because I’m dressed in white and white;

I surrender, don’t you see?


My toes turn black from the tar

That rubs against my feet,

But my dress is white against the sky,

A greying, shading beat.


I often stand in the shadows

In order to feel the sun.

Because to feel its warmth in a sudden rush

Is not a treat for just anyone.


I soak my white, white dress with rain

In order to enjoy and feel being dry,

And because I want to love my laugh

I allow myself to cry.


Sometimes I lose on purpose

Because I adore it when I win,

And sometimes I don’t ever finish

Because it was too much fun to begin.


When I stand in the shadows,

The people in the light walk by.

I see their smiles glow in the morning sun,

And it warms me more than any sky.


And sitting cold and wet in the rain,

I can see people rushing to and fro.

I see much more life in the rain, you see,

It brings people alive, don’t you know?


And because I love the victory,

It’s mine even when I lose.

Even if the winner dances and jumps about,

I’m champion if I choose.


Sometimes I want to surrender,

Because I hate the war.

I don’t care if you call me feeble and weak;

I just don’t want to fight anymore.


I want to live my life in seconds,

So I can treasure every hour.

And I never want to plant a garden,

So I can appreciate every flower.


I don’t want things to be ordinary.

I don’t want things to be mine.

I want everything to be a surprise to me,

But I want to know that everything’s fine.


I want someone I love but have to leave,

I want memories to hold in my heart.

I want a mind full of snapshots of moments passed,

I want a painful chance to part.


I want to have my breath taken away,

I want it stolen from my chest.

I want something to make me feel faint,

And dizzy at it’s best.


I love it occasionally when people are cruel;

I like it when people shout.

I hate it when people seem all right all the time,

And have nothing to scream about.


It makes me smile when I see people

Who have bright, clear windows for eyes.

Because I can look into their face and I can see

A mind filled all the way up to the skies.


I love it when people are silent,

Because it helps me enjoy the words.

And I love it when people are serious,

Because then we can laugh at the absurd.


Just call me your wedding girl,

With my hair threaded through with white.

Because I’m married to and one with the life we live;

I’m wedded to what in my heart is right.


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