Dedicated to Everyone Who Has Had One of Those Days

I wish I could live my life in couplets, and spend my years in prose.

I wish I could document my life in secret, in the way that no one knows.

I want for just one second for everyone to disappear so I can just be me.

And what I really, really want is for one second just to feel free.

I hate that there are people who see what I do, and take note of who I am.

I hate that I have to be wary of them, and keep my secrets behind a dam.

It hurts me that the times I want to scream are the moments I’m supposed to smile.

And I never know how to feel when I’m told to stand within the file.

Why can’t I just be who I am, why do I have to be the person you want?

Because I’m trying really hard to be that girl, I’m trying to fit inside your font.

But whatever I do I seem to do wrong, and I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused.

Because nothing I do ever seems to be right; I think I’m entitled to feel bemused.

I know that I’m not very talented, I know I can’t sing or dance or perform.

I know that I couldn’t ever comfort you whenever you’re feeling forlorn.

What scares me is that people think that I am the person they want to see.

But I’m not good at being that person at all,

I’m sorry, but my only talent is being me.


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