Find the Beauty

Sometimes I feel trapped

And held too tightly in the hands of time.

Sometimes I feel as though I can’t breathe,

And nothing’s right if I can’t find a rhyme.


And I was just asking a question,

Just wondering you ever feel the same.

I was just thinking about and thinking some more,

If all of us ever get sick of this game.


It’s a little bit like playing a game of cards

With someone who always cheats.

And no matter how hard I try to win as well,

The other player always foils my feats.


The world can look so grey sometimes.

And I’m positive that that’s not just me.

We can’t always see the world in colour,

And I’m certain that’s what we all sometimes see.


But if there are too many days with the grey,

Then we’ll forget how colour can be bright.

We’ll forget that the world can be bright red and gold,

And I really don’t think that that’s right.


Beauty’s a thing of importance,

Even if something isn’t pretty to the eyes.

Beauty is hidden in the reach of a hand,

In a little boy who sees shapes in the skies.


There will always be times when we want to see grey,

And we let it come inside and tear us apart.

It’s okay occasionally to let the grey touch your eyes,

But don’t ever let it into your heart.


I think we need to start looking for beauty,

Because its there, hidden in the folds of grey.

Beauty is something that makes you smile,

Or gives your empty throat words you can say.


So on those days that are too long and dark,

I have a proposition for what we should do.

On those day we’ll sit and you look for beauty in me,

And I’ll find the beauty in you.


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