Save Somebody

I really want to save somebody.

I really want to be remembered.

I really want to be held close,

Even as my heart has been dismembered.

I want to talk to everyone.

I want to laugh all the time.

I want the sky to make some sense.

I want the whole world to rhyme.

I want a small moment

To keep in my pocket.

And I want my love

To be kept safe in a locket.

I don’t want to be hurt,

But I do want to feel.

And I want all my daydreams

To become what is real.

I wish, wish, wish I could fly.

I wish I wasn’t me.

I wish I were blind,

Because maybe then I would see.

I wish the world were smaller.

I want to hold it in my hands.

I want to drink all the oceans,

And scratch my throat with all the sands.

I see the world and I want it,

I want it to be mine.

I want to take what is wrong,

I want to make everything fine.

But the world is too big.

It’s too big for me.

I’ll drown in the world.

Drown far too easily.

Where are the people?

The world has grown too wide.

I think I’ve lost the horizon.

But I’ve found the other side.

Do you want to know

My favourite thing to do?

I love, love to laugh,

Even more so with you.

I need someone to save me,

And someone else for me to save.

I need someone to tell me

It’s okay to misbehave.

I wish I could write a poem

That somehow makes sense

To someone other than me,

Because I’m caught on the fence.

What should I do today?

I don’t know what I shouldn’t,

And I’ll always regret believing

He who told me I couldn’t.

I said I wanted to save someone,

But it’s me, who needs a hand.

Walking forward is easy.

It’s harder still to stand.

I love to listen to music,

But I don’t know a single song.

And I hate that years go past in a blink,

But each second’s a second too long.

I’m like you, and you’re like me.

And we’re like everyone else.

We’re exactly the same because we’re all different,

But I don’t know if that will be any help.

I think life is like a flower garden,

We’re flowers, us, and everyone.

But if gardens were made with all the same flowers,

Then that really wouldn’t be any fun.

I tried to give my writing to a man,

But he said he didn’t need it.

I’ve realised it’s hard to save someone,

But if there’s an urge, I think I’ll feed it.


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