You’re Gorgeous

I have a mind that’s far too dark

For a world that shines this bright.

There’s poison in my mind that’s left a mark,

And it’s choking in sunlight.

I died a little bit yesterday

Because I got left behind.

I held out my hand, but too far away,

And I drowned inside my mind.

I think I’m falling, falling,

And I know you all are near.

And I keep on calling, calling,

But there’s no one who can hear.


In a world where so many people struggle in silence. the smallest gesture can make a difference. Go out and do something nice today. Without even knowing it, you might change someone’s entire day around. Because it’s you, my darling, you. You can be all it takes to make a difference. And to anyone who is feeling sad, remember that you’re gorgeous. So chin up, Sunshine, because I’ve never seen someone so beautiful.


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