The Door Before Me

There’s a door right in front of me,

It’s standing in my way.

I don’t know how to open it,

And if I could, what would I say?

I think there’s someone behind the door,

I think they’re calling out my name.

But I’m too scared to call something back,

Because after that, what if nothing’s the same?

Someone comes to stand beside me,

And together, we stare at the door.

Maybe behind it is another boring room,

But just maybe there’s something more.

I reach out and touch the doorknob.

It’s cool and fits in my palm.

That’s when I realise I’ll open the door,

And I have never felt more calm.

The person beside me takes my hand,

And slowly shakes his head.

He turns me away from this strange, new door,

And points down the hall instead.

Down the hall, it’s safe, and nothing has changed.

Down the hall is where I’ve always belonged.

Down the hall is the world that I have always known,

The world where I’ve never been wronged.

Walking down the hall would be easier.

Besides, the door’s locked and I don’t have the key.

The person beside me smiles and nods,

He likes that I give up so easily.

Holding his hand, I walk down the hall,

And with each step I feel a little more unsure,

Until I tear my grasp out of his hand,

And rush back towards the door.

I hammer my hands against the wood,

Until my knuckles start to bleed.

I beat and I beat until the door starts to creak,

And I know I’ve nearly completed my deed.

The door swings open, and I fall through

Into the strangeness of what I don’t know.

Behind the door it’s scary and different and large;

I don’t know in which direction to go.

I can hear the person screaming behind me,

And I know the door was part of his plan.

He wanted me to stay on what I’d always known,

He wasn’t expecting it when I ran.

But I wasn’t happy in the hall,

There was nothing that made me smile.

Maybe that’s the reason I went through the door,

Because nothing’s made me laugh in a while.


So if anyone ever locks the door in your way,

And tries to make you frown.

Just run where you want and give them hell,

Because you’re strong enough to knock it down.


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