The Moment-Catcher

I call myself a moment-catcher.

I take them,

Hoard them away,

Save them,

Treasure them.

I keep them hidden in a box beneath my bed.

And sometimes

On rainy days,

I take my moments out.

I look at them one by one.

I re-live each one.

Sometimes they make me cry.

I sit inside.

The sky cries tears

Against the windowpane.

My tears fall down my cheeks

And splash


Against my moment.



Some moments make me laugh.


Some moments cause me to throw back my head

And laugh

Like there is nothing else in the world.

Other moments.

Important moments.

The best moments.

Make me sigh.

Close my eyes.

Take my moment and hold it closely

As though I could take the moment into my heart

And keep it there forever.

I love those moments;

I lose myself in them

As the rain falls impatiently

Against the rooftop.

I forget the world around me

And fall headfirst into the memory,

The moment,

The passing breath of a second lost.

But everything must come to an end,

And with regret

I take my moment,

Wrap it carefully in the soft cloth of


And hide it away

In the box of what has come.

It takes strength and I close my box,

Lock it,

Close my eyes and push it beneath my bed.

The rain stops,



The sun creeps out from behind the cloud

And glows through my window onto my cheek.

The time is over.

I drag myself reluctantly from the past

And enter the present.

Walk away from my box

Hidden beneath my bed.

I call myself a moment-catcher.

I take moments,

Hoard them away,

Save them,

Treasure them.

For the next rainy day.



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