Sometimes, Love Hurts

It felt strange when you stopped talking to me

Because you were my favourite person I knew.

I can’t recall the exact moment when

I realised I wasn’t that for you.

I still talk too much because I want you to laugh;

I haven’t seen you happy in such a long while,

And I won’t ever stop even though I’ve learnt

Nothing about me can make you smile.

There isn’t another soul who I want to please more;

I have daydreams about making you proud.

I try to be clever, and funny, and witty,

But I sound stupid when I speak words out loud.

Do you know I really, really miss you?

Even more so when you’re here

Because sometimes I’ll see the old you in your eyes,

But in a second, he’ll disappear.

When you leave I claim that I hate you,

And harden myself against the pain,

But then you show up and throw it all out the window,

And I have to start over again.

I’ve resigned myself to how it is,

Regardless of whether it’s the worst.

I’ll always be here to hold you when you’re sad,

But sometimes….

Love really hurts.


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