No Name


I’m not going to tell you my name.

Not my first name,

Not my last name,

Not my middle initial.

No names.

Because once I tell you it will change.

Because I want you to listen.

I want you to listen to me.

Not to my name.

My name cannot speak.

I can.

My name cannot make you laugh.

I can.

My name cannot make you cry,

Nor can it make you smile.

But I can.

Then why do you want my name?

Because you want to know me?

Then listen to me speak.

Listen to me sing when I cannot,

And laugh when I don’t want to.

Watch me smile and watch me cry.

Watch me say hello and then watch me leave

Without a word

Can my name do that?

When I give you my name I shall become a person,

Just another one

Pushed to the back of your mind,

Filed with a thousand other names.

But I won’t tell you my name

And you’ll remember me.

I’ll make you remember.

Names can’t do that.


I have no title.

Except for the one in my head.

The one you don’t know.

Do you want to know?

You do?

But I can’t tell you

Do I want to know your name?

It depends.

You can tell it to me

And I’ll forget as soon as you walk away,

Or you can talk to me,

You can make me laugh,

And I’ll remember you forever.



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