Lost Souls

All that I am is a lost soul,

And to be found I’ve truly tried.

I sent out a message in a bottle,

But it was swallowed by the tide.

I wrote a letter in dust motes

Because I liked how they danced in the light,

But a thundercloud stole my sunshine,

And my letter was drowned in spite.

I tried writing down “hello”

In black ink on a darker page.

Then I finally drank the last of my fear

And walked to centre stage.

The audience, they all laughed out loud

As soon as they saw my face.

I tried to read my letter and realised

That I should have remembered my place.


All I want is for someone to see my letter,

To find me and set me free,

And I would give every word that could stain my lips red

Just to find another lost soul like me.


I Think I Met You Once Before

I think┬áthat I’ve met you once before.

You were the one who picked my heart off the floor.

For a while, I thought it was just a dream;

I’ve grown too used to things being not what they seem.

What made me fall in love was that look in your eye

That flashed for a second when you laughed at the sky.

Your smile made my breath catch inside of my throat.

In an eternity of winter, your smile was my coat.

But the main thing you did was you put together my heart,

And that very moment marked the end of the start.

My heart was unsteady; it didn’t take much to rock it,

But you wiped it all clean and kept it safe in your pocket.

You were my army when I fell under attack.

You picked up my heart and I don’t ever want it back.