Lost Souls

All that I am is a lost soul,

And to be found I’ve truly tried.

I sent out a message in a bottle,

But it was swallowed by the tide.

I wrote a letter in dust motes

Because I liked how they danced in the light,

But a thundercloud stole my sunshine,

And my letter was drowned in spite.

I tried writing down “hello”

In black ink on a darker page.

Then I finally drank the last of my fear

And walked to centre stage.

The audience, they all laughed out loud

As soon as they saw my face.

I tried to read my letter and realised

That I should have remembered my place.


All I want is for someone to see my letter,

To find me and set me free,

And I would give every word that could stain my lips red

Just to find another lost soul like me.


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