Why do you always look so sad?

Why do you always stop

When you think that your words

Shouldn’t be heard?

Why do you always look away at the wrong times

But stare when you should

Close your eyes?

Why is it that the only times I see you


Are when I pass you in the street

And you’re with someone else?

Why is it that you only smile when you

Think I’m not


And why is it that that is still

The most beautiful smile I’ve ever


Why is that you’re the only person

I want to tell about my day

Even though we haven’t had a conversation in months?

Why don’t you cry when I

Tell you you should leave

And go to be with someone who makes you


Why is the click of a front door

Saying good-bye

Louder than a thunderstorm in summer?

And why do I always end up before

The mirror,

Looking at my throat that choked on the right words,

My eyes that never looked where they should,

My voice that only laughed and my lips that only smiled

When I thought you went away

Because then,


I was the winner?

And why?



Is it that all I can remember

Is that we always looked so sad?


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