I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for what they said when they were angry.

And I’m sorry for what you said back.

I’m sorry that you feel like you can’t be safe.

I’m sorry you always feel under attack.

But remember when you fell and they kissed you better?

Remember when they lifted you high above?

They’re always there even when you say you hate them

Because trust me, darling, that’s love.

My Paper House

I’m living in a paper house, I don’t know if you can see me,

But I’m the one behind the ink because only words can free me.

I never leave my paper house because I’m terrified of the rain,

I’m scared if I let my eyes get wet then they’ll never be dry again.

I can hear the cries throughout my head because my walls are paper thin,

And I’m lying cold in my paper bed because I just want to be let in.

Please come through my paper door, put dirty shoes on my paper rug.

Because I may live in a paper house, but I really need a hug.


I said that I loved Shakespeare,

And you told me that you liked maths.

We lived our lives way up to now

On very different paths.

I said that I liked reading.

You said physics made you smile.

And you were the very first person who

I let teach me in a while.

I love sitting in silence,

And you love talking out loud.

I’m always scared to speak my mind,

But you shine brightly in a crowd.

We are very different people,

How we work I’ll never know why,

But I think my favourite thing about you is

That you make me forget I’m shy.


I want to put the sun to bed,

And wake him up each day.

I want to stroke each of his beams,

And tell him it’s okay. .

It must be hard to be a start

About which no one seems to care;

No one seems to thank the sun,

Even though he’s always there.

Perhaps the sun really is just gas,

And can’t hear whatever we say,

But I once gave him a grin and like to think

That he shone a little brighter that day.